How to plan an event

How to organise an event?

Everyone sometimes organises an event, festival or corporate event: an adventurous team building, an inspiring conference, the annual staff party, a smashing wedding or just a birthday party. will help you make your event, business or private, an unforgettable one.

Organise your event yourself

If you have a limited budget or if you like organising events, organising your event yourself is definitely an option. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of organising your company event yourself versus outsourcing to an event agency.

With an event agency

If you choose an event agency, then you should stick to these rules for pitching event agencies.

Find the perfect event venue

The event venue largely determines the appearance and atmosphere of your event. So you can safely say that the event location can make or break an event. But also renting a tent can certainly be an option. Do not forget to take into account practical aspects. Use these handy checklists:

Event catering

You don't choose an event caterer haphazardly. Also at an event, the way to the participant's hearts is through their stomach. Catering is therefore very important and must match the objective of your event and the target group. We also have tips for selecting the right caterer:

Music: disk jockey or band?

Would you like some music during your conference breaks? Do you provide a dance floor at your staff event? Or are you looking for stylish background music for your reception? At you will find the best music bands, orchestras and disk jockeys for your corporate event.

There is much more to entertainment than booking the entertainers, ... You also have to take into account some practical aspects. Which permits do you need? What do you do when an artist cancels at the last minute?

Event decoration

Event decoration largely determines the appearance of the event and the experience of your guests. It is about the total atmosphere experience. A pleasant, beautiful location is certainly enough, but you can also opt for a complete decoration in your own style, or you place some special eye-catchers to create the right atmosphere.

Guest list and invitations

Calendars are overflowing. So the invitation to your event or party should not only arrive on time, but should also encourage the recipient to free up some of their time for your event. The first impression, just a glance, can make all the difference between response and trash. So pay close attention to developing a stimulating invitation. After all, inviting is the art of seduction. Send a pre-announcement or save-the-date 10 weeks before your event.

Drawing up a guest list is a time-consuming task. However, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Forgetting someone is unforgivable. Ask others for help when putting together the guest list.

Don't forget to mention the dress code! In many cases, the clothing choice of your guests is free. Does specific clothing contribute to the atmosphere of the event or is it necessary given the (weather) conditions? Then you can appreciate a certain type of clothing (dress code). Discover all the dress codes here.


Action plan

In the action plan or call sheet you work out the tasks and responsibilities of your team. During the entire process, you refine the script. Organising an event is a complex challenge that many parties are involved in. As an organiser, you must have the necessary project management skills to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Drawing up a budget for events is an ongoing process. It is best to start with a global estimate. You do that before you request quotes. This way you can immediately see whether you are working realistically. You systematically adjust the provisional budget when you receive offers or when you can make a more targeted estimate.

Event technology

The role of technology is becoming increasingly important, but it can differ greatly from event to event. Sometimes the technical feats literally steal the show. At other events, audiovisual concepts are used to support presentations or performances. In any case, choose a reliable supplier for renting audiovisual material.

Photo and video

Don't forget to hire a photographer and/or cameraman. You can send them out to capture beautiful images of important moments, acts and audience.

Permits and insurance

Permits and event insurance are especially important to you as an organiser. If you have every detail covered, you can save a lot of headaches and save a financial hangover.

Free Event Planning Software

Think of all the tools you use when planning truly memorable events: mood boards, checklists, call sheets, ... Now imagine having all those tools in one convenient place!

Discover all tools

Find event suppliers and event venues

What should you pay attention to when planning an event?

It is tempting to start organising your company event right away, but it is wiser to do your homework thoroughly first. Once your event has started, you don't get a second chance. It must be an instant hit. Murphy's law is constantly lurking: If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. You can only prevent this if you prepare your event down to the last detail. If you don't do this, you run the risk of the event overshooting its goal or costing you more time and money than necessary. You start with the analysis of the objective(s) and determining the target group you want to reach.


For the practical organisation of your corporate events, the checklists and manual on this page will help you on your way!



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Good luck with your event!

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