Evaluate all aspects of your event and use this information to make the next edition even better. These companies help you with this.

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With our online tool you can collect registrations or feedback for an event. This can be done by inviting your contacts via e-mail, flyer, letter or SMS or by approaching them via iPad, column, QR code or form. Results available in real time.

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Evalato is a next-gen submission and evaluation platform for awards, contests, grants, applications, call for papers, scholarships, employee recognition, funding and other programs.

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MeetingMatters | MeetingMonitor

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Countless meetings and events are organized, but are we always aware of the added value they deliver? MeetingMonitor evaluations and impact measurement helps organizers and meeting owners to make objectives measurable and results transparent.

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One2Ten measures customer experience real-time on location. Due to the design and the way in which we ask the customer to leave his opinion, the response rate is many times higher than with other 'afterwards' ways.

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Survey Anyplace

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With Survey Anyplace you can create visually attractive surveys for smartphones and tablets. This way you can get people's opinions at the time of the experience instead of afterwards via email.

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Marijn Producties provides the (technical) production and support of both theater performances and events. Marijn Producties produces events from concept to execution.


Measuring is knowing. It is impossible to adjust an event without feedback from your guests or visitors. A good evaluation is therefore necessary. Fortunately, these companies can help you with this.

From data to insights

These companies collect all useful information about your event or party via, for example, surveys; demographic data about the visitors, positives, complaints, economic impact, etc. All this data is neatly processed and put into a detailed report. This report can be used as a kind of manual. This way you can make the next edition even better based on this event analysis.

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