Light Spectacle with Drones and... Doves

Light Spectacle with Drones and... Doves

Drones are used on events for various purposes, such as video captation and security. It is, however, surprising how little they are used for entertainment.


At the beginning of this year, we already showed how Intel broke the world record with a light show performed by drones. This time, it's the Japanese Sky Magic that provides a breath-taking sight. 20 drones are perfectly attuned and deliver a tight choreography.



Drones are on the rise, especially now that there's a legal framework for drones on events. Where earlier they were only good for filming or delivering packages, their other possibilities are now being used. Sky Magic decided to stick them into a small grill and mount leds on this. For this choreography 16,500 leds went into the sky, which meant 825 per drone.


Of course, this amount of leds offers quite a few possibilities. Combined with the right music and a fitting setting, you can present a fine show. A nice alternative for firework, which can deafen your guests. And as if that wasn't sufficiently spectacular, they decided to give this performance in front of the Fuji volcano. The wow effect is certainly present!



In New York they applied the same trick with flying leds, but then without drones. Artist Duke Riley, who invented the thirty minutes long spectacle, used 2,000 doves. The doves carry luminous led bands on their feet: these lights are controlled with a remote control.



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