Drones Serve (and Spill) Drinks on Event...

Drones Serve (and Spill) Drinks on Event...

A drone which serves you your drink superfast on an event? For the moment, real waiters are not ( yet)  in any real danger of losing their jobs. However, the technology is promising. Will we all order our drinks like this in the future?  


On the campus of the Dutch Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) the world's first drone cafe has been opened. The pop-up cafe consists of several drones which take in orders and serve drinks. The cafe is an initiative of 20 students under the name Blue Jay and is part of a three-day festival to honour the sixtieth anniversary of the Eindhoven university.  


The useful drone

The objective of the builders is to prove the potency of drones for new applications. The prototype which fly around the cafe are based on four elements: safety, helpfulness thanks to a multifunctional gripper, communication and autonomy. This enables the drones to independently serve drinks.  


However, the experiment is not yet going spotlessly (This video is in Dutch, but what happens is clear. There is also an English video at the bottom of this article for your convenience, but without the spilling):  



The technology is very promising and it is a marvellous initiative of these students. How great would it be not having to stand in line to order a beer, but just letting a drone fly it over to you?  


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