How to submit my press releases? Are they published for free?

The fastest way to share your news through is via a post on your business page. Posting is free for event companies with a professional listing. The most inspiring posts appear on our homepage as well as in the newsfeed of our users. Our editors also monitor the posts that appear on our platform and regularly include posts in the articles we publish.


Do you also want to send a press release? You can do so at



Dozens of press releases arrive in our editorial mailbox every day. While we publish several messages in our media every week, we cannot publish them all, so we have to make some (hard) choices. We are happy to explain how our editorial staff decides whether or not we include your press release!


Do you want to score with your press release? First, your press release must stand out and have sufficient news value. This means that we give absolute priority to messages with clear knowledge and tips for our target group (clients and organizers of corporate events). For instance, we prefer the results of market research, insights from an expert, tips and tricks over messages with a purely commercial approach (those are considered advertising). In addition to the content, the competition you have from other press releases submitted at the same time is also a determinant for inclusion.


Guaranteed inclusion as an advertorial

Press releases with the aim of introducing your new product or company, highlighting a beautiful realization or case, or launching a new website, for instance, are only placed as advertorials. We understand that it is important for you to get these messages out to our community, which is why we reserve a limited number of spots for advertorials.


Together, we look for a suitable approach to make your story attractive and relevant to our readers. For a guaranteed inclusion, we ask a contribution of € 279 in the editorial costs. This is a limited budget if you consider the fact that getting a good press release written by a copywriter would cost you more. Posting to your business page is a free alternative to these types of posts if you have a professional listing.


Why are we stricter than other media?

It is true that we are somewhat stricter in terms of the selection of press releases than some other media. This is a conscious and logical choice if you keep our target audience (clients and organizers) in mind. Our readers are not looking for newsletters with only product announcements and advertisements. By limiting the number of advertorials, we ensure a good editorial balance. This way, we continue to be able to count on an impressive number of subscribers and make sure that advertorials keep their impact.


On the other hand, in proportion to the enormous reach we have built up over 20 years, we offer remarkably competitive rates to our advertisers. We can realize this because we do not pass on our editorial costs to all our advertisers - only to those who actually use it. That is the fairest option in the long term in our opinion.