What does the Corona Protocol Look Like during the Eurovision Song Contest?

What does the Corona Protocol Look Like during the Eurovision Song Contest?

The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 does not take any risks. Quarantine obligation for artists, a ban on supermarket visits and a safety protocol of no less than 46 pages.

“In recent months, a lot of hard work has been done behind the scenes on an extensive corona protocol, in order to ensure that the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in an adapted form in a responsible manner. created in which employees, artists and press can work as safely as possible ", says Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Safety and Health

The protocol, which is partly inspired by protocols of major sports competitions, was drawn up in collaboration with the EBU, the international Eurovision organization. "Traditionally, the Eurovision Song Contest brings Europe together on one stage and we are still determined to get this done in Rotterdam in May," said Martin Österdahl, the festival's executive supervisor from the EBU. "We are heading for a safe Eurovision Song Contest in which all artists perform live from Rotterdam. With this protocol we show how we can achieve this. The safety and health of all those involved is our highest priority," he emphasizes.

Prevent infections

The TV production crew has already gained a lot of experience in the past year in working safely in corona time. It may take some getting used to for the participating artists and their entourage. They are advised to go into quarantine for five days before departure to the Netherlands and they must be tested before departure. Once in the Netherlands, they have to stay in their hotel, except when they have to go out for official program components.

Everyone who works in Rotterdam Ahoy - crew, artists and press - is regularly tested in a specially set up test street. "Our goal is clear: to prevent contamination during the event. If someone is tested positive, our isolation protocol will come into effect, we support the GGD with source and contact research and we take additional measures where necessary. If a participant is unable to perform live as a result of this. then the backup recording is used, "says Bakker.

The delegations around the artists are considerably smaller than in previous editions. The number of journalists who can go to Rotterdam Ahoy has also been scaled down.

With audience

The Eurovision Song Contest will continue with a limited audience. The event was named a Fieldlab test in early April, allowing 3,500 spectators per show to be admitted. All spectators must demonstrate that they tested negative less than 24 hours ago. They are also asked whether they would like to have themselves tested again five days after the event. On the way to their seat and to the toilet, visitors must wear a mouth mask. Visitors are not allowed to stand, but are assigned a fixed seat.

Full corona protocol

Curious about the full protocol? Check out the 46-page document here:Eurovision_Songfestoval_2021-covidprotocol.pdf

Source: Press release Open Up Rotterdam - Photo: NPO/NOS/AVROTROS Nathan Reinds


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