18 Ideas for Your Event Coffee Breaks

18 Ideas for Your Event Coffee Breaks

Regardless of the type of the event, the industry, or the theme, coffee breaks are a must. Not only do they give attendees a few moments of relaxation while digesting the new information they just learned, but they also provide a perfect platform for networking.

Apart from enjoying a nice cup of coffee, your attendees can also have meaningful conversations with strangers which can possibly later lead to new business or career opportunities. So be sure to take the time to create a pleasant and attractive coffee break environment where people can unwind and enjoy each other. To help you accomplish this task, we’ve put together a few interesting ideas you may want to consider. 


Slow coffee 



Artsy coffee mugs 



Coffee pin gifts



Real baristas 



Freshly ground coffee 



Good coffee variety 



Innovative approach



Space to chill 



Personalized foam design 



Beautiful decorations 



Promote fair trade 



Comfortable furniture 



Welcoming networking space 



An entertaining description of the coffee options 


Stylish take away coffee cups 






Longer breaks to enjoy the coffee 



Coffee masterclass as entertainment for the guests 



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