Crash Course Etiquette for Event Managers

Crash Course Etiquette for Event Managers

Which etiquette rules should you take into account as an organizer? Etiquette may sound old-fashioned, but it isn't. And you certainly don't want to commit blunders. made a practical mini-series about etiquette at events. After watching these videos you know what to do!


In this five-part series, Kevin talks with expert and renowned speaker Vincent Vermeulen from the School for Butlers. Vincent not only knows the etiquette guidelines through and through, he also understands daily practice at events. In short, he is the ideal conversation partner to reveal the secrets of etiquette at events in an exciting way in our studio!



Five videos

In five short videos Kevin and Vincent zoom in on hierarchy in etiquette, table etiquette and how to prepare an ideal seating plan according to the rules of the art and tailored to your event. In video four, the focus is on business etiquette. Kevin and Vincent conclude the series with a video that is specifically about the typical etiquette rules at parties and events.


Have fun learning!







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