Game Changing Planning Tool for Events

Game Changing Planning Tool for Events

Organising successful outdoor events requires detailed planning and collaboration with multiple stakeholders. Often events sites are planned using screenshots from Google Maps and PowerPoint. This leads to inaccuracies and a lack of coordinated planning.


One Plan is a game changing planning tool for the event industry. It supports event professionals to plan safer events by utilising intuitive space planning and measurement tools within a global mapping platform.


Any site area can be quickly plotted onto One Plan enabling crowd capacity to be instantly calculated according to the desired crowd density. The tool bar functionality allows planners to drop and drag a huge range of event infrastructure and supplier products to accurately develop event sites. Human resource dot plans can also be plotted onto One Plan.


The intuitive measuring tools instantly provide estimate queue length and time. There is also an evacuation calculator, which will visually display an estimate evacuation time for people to flow through two points such as an emergency exit. Event overlay such as pedestrian barriers can be plotted onto the mapping system and provides an instant quantity. More tools will be added continuously as we receive feedback from subscribers and suppliers.


One Plan has been developed in collaboration with some of the leading event and crowd safety experts in the world as well as a number of government agencies.

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