How to Upgrade Your Event Ambience through Styling

How to Upgrade Your Event Ambience through Styling

The same way you get a feel of a brand when scrolling through its website, your attendees will get a “vibe” from your event. Factors such as space decoration and styling will greatly affect the way your guests feel, enhancing their overall experience or, on the contrary, making them feel disconnected from the environment.


According to event professional Kevin Van der Straeten, "Decoration is a question of creating a total atmosphere. Sometimes a good venue can achieve this by itself, but you can always opt to transform the venue by decorating it in a style of your own choosing. Alternatively, you can place a number of ‘eye-catchers’ to create the right ambiance."


Decorations can energize your guests and help them understand and align with your event identity. Additionally, styling the space nicely will also yield positive results in terms of attendee interaction, engagement, and further promotion of the event via social media.


The only thing you should take into consideration is that successful decorating and styling should always support your event, rather than overshadowing it.


How do you achieve that? Here’s a list of “upgrades” to consider the next time you’re setting up an event venue:



Nice furniture

Although we can see it as a by-default element that comes with the venue, furniture and seating are crucial for keeping attendees engaged. From swinging chairs and pods to comfortable couches and ergonomic chairs, these pieces will boost your attendees’ mood and help them have immersive learning and networking sessions. Just make sure the furniture is comfortable.



Low ceilings

No matter the venue type, low ceilings will create a more familiar feel. You can achieve this with flowers or different decorative pieces. You could also use wooden framing to achieve a barn-like feeling, which will produce the effect of an intimate space and help your attendees feel more relaxed.



Molecular catering

Although not exactly related to venue decor, the food you serve can visually impact the overall styling efforts. To make it more appealing, you can opt for molecular catering or DIY cooking. Molecular cuisine is based on investigating the food’s physical and chemical reactions, facilitating a more technical and innovative approach to cooking. The results are often spectacular, leaving people will strong sense of awe.



Fabric wallpapers and rugs

Color, texture, and textile will always add an element of intrigue, sparking your attendees’ curiosity. Elements such fabric wallpapers, cushions, and rugs can add an important tactile dimension to your event, allowing your attendees to engage with the event environment in a totally different way. They will be able to enjoy all these styling pieces while also being a part of a particular ambience that will add tremendous value to their experience.



“Live” artwork

There’s a big difference between art installations and artwork that is produced during the event. From painting graffiti and sculpturing to acting and dancing, you could reach out to multiple artists and ask them to perform at your event. This will add a graceful note and highlight your event’s identity.



Ad-free areas

Zoning at events is a big thing nowadays. Purposeful spaces are incredibly efficient, especially for networking and collaborating. However, usually these areas are filled with sponsor advertising, event scheduling, and multiple visual elements. This will make your attendees feel fatigued and overwhelmed. To keep this from happening, set up “white zones” where your guests can interact with each other or just take some time to decompress and unwind.



Final thoughts

Running an event can be an incredible opportunity to provide a specific atmosphere that can strengthen your brand identity. Don’t overlook decorations and styling. Instead, focus on envisioning those elements that will supercharge your attendees’ mood and make them love your event.

EVENTS - Kevin Van der Straeten

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