The Best Ways to Show Your Attendees You Care - Organise Healthy Events

The Best Ways to Show Your Attendees You Care - Organise Healthy Events

Whether you are authentic and considerate or careless and indifferent, your attendees will always feel and know whatever you’re projecting. The way you design the event, or the experience you’ve envisioned for your guests, will impact greatly their perception.


You may think the added value of your event is to provide a networking environment or to invite awesome speakers. Those things are good, but the attendees are coming for something else: the experience itself. Put these steps in your call sheet in your event software.


Who wouldn’t want to interrupt his or her working routine (going to meetings, answering emails, responding to urgent demands) for two or three days of novelty and excitement? That’s why you should plan your event thinking how you could improve your guests’ experiences and event perceptions.


People want to be taken care of. They come to events to feel good. And only mindful planning can get you to meet this expectation.


What do I mean by mindful?


It’s simply showing you care. Express it through every single detail. Be aware of your attendees’ needs. And consider running healthier events. This piece of advice might come across as a surprise for you. After all, how is your event not healthy? What does being healthy have to do with an event, anyway?


But think about it: loads of alcohol and unhealthy food, the lack of optional catering, and sitting for hours at a time. Now do you think most events are healthy?


Probably not.


Luckily, there are a few small adjustments you can make to give your attendees a happy and healthy event:



Tip 1. Offer healthy snacks during the break

We all know and love the traditional breaks with coffee, tea, croissants, and sandwiches. But what about trying something different, with a little less caffeine and carbs?


Supplying your attendees with tasty, yet nutritious snacks will show them that you care about their well-being.


Stock up on products such as almonds, healthy oven-baked chips, multigrain waffles, dark chocolate, apple slices with tahini or peanut butter, cottage cheese, dried or fresh berries, multigrain crackers, etc.



Tip 2. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables at lunches or dinners

Everyone has his or her own diet, but we could all use some extra fruits and veggies with our meals. Talk to the catering supplier and ask for more fruits and vegetables. This will encourage your guests to make better choices and have a healthier meal, which will give them more energy.



Tip 3. Collaborate with biocatering suppliers

Your catering team is just as important as the audiovisual team. Their commitment to offer the best to your attendees will ensure a positive experience.


To ensure you’re collaborating with a good catering provider, it’s important to check the company’s website and social media profiles ahead of time.


Also, for a healthier meal and better care for your attendees, you can always choose to work with biocatering suppliers, which supports the farm-to-table movement. What better way to express your honest desire of providing the best for your attendees?



Tip 4. Limit the alcohol intake during your events

This is a hard one, and to be honest, it might disappoint some of the guests. However, giving your guests access to unlimited amounts of alcohol at your events may end not so well.


This is especially recommended for cocktail dinners or networking activities. Limit the alcohol at your events and ensure there are plenty of nonalcoholic options to satisfy all palates.



Tip 5. Incorporate active breaks

People come to events to break away from their work routine, get out of their offices, and enjoy the company of other people. Don’t make them stay passive all day long sitting in venue chairs, without any chances to move.


Include active dynamics, such as yoga or walking breaks.


Obviously, the distances must be reasonable and you must have something else in mind for people who are unable to walk or have limited physical capabilities.



Call to action

You don’t need to go overboard with healthy options, but enhancing your attendees’ physical and emotional well-being is never a bad thing. Make sure to offer delicious, nutritious snacks and meals, cut back on the alcohol, and incorporate active breaks. Here’s to your attendees’ good health!


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