This is How AI Will Impact the Future of Event Planning

This is How AI Will Impact the Future of Event Planning

AI is the future of both the world and the event industry. "Wait, what?" I hear you saying, looking around for the robots ready to take over the world. No, that’s not the type of AI we’re talking about. There’s a big difference between weak AI and strong AI.


As Technopedia explains, "Weak artificial intelligence (weak AI) is an approach to artificial intelligence research and development with the consideration that AI is and will always be a simulation of human cognitive function, and that computers can only appear to think but are not actually conscious in any sense of the word."


Strong AI, instead, refers to the digital computer as being the mind with thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and understandings. As you understand, we are still far from building an almighty machine. Until then, we have to learn how to adapt weak AI to our needs. According to American Express Meetings and Events' 2018 Global Meetings and Events Forecast, "The ongoing evolution of mobile apps and hybrid meeting solutions, combined with the potential applications for newer technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), have exciting implications for meeting owners and attendees alike."


Modern attendees want access to digital experiences that will enhance their face-to-face interactions, helping them to achieve their personal goals or have a deeper understanding of the event content. Apart from that, AI will impact the way we plan events. From chatbots to extremely smart tools, we’ll soon be able to enjoy the innovative results of advanced technology. Here are some of the AI perks we’ll be able to employ when planning our events:



Set up efficient event webpage copy

Soon you may not need a copywriter for your event page. Machines will do it for you. Although the concept is still new, a few platforms are already promising to deliver powerful copy that’s fully aligned with your event’s goals, values, and intentions. You just have to introduce the keywords you want to highlight and the text will be generated automatically.



Produce an attractive visual identity for the event

New sites are offering AI-based design services. For example, let’s say that you want an interesting logo for your event, but you don’t have the time or the money to hire a professional. You can access an AI-based design page and introduce the text you want to appear on your logo.

Then, you can choose from a range of colors and design styles. You’ll then be given a list of random logos to choose from, so the machine can recognize your preferences. In the end, you’ll get your event logo (in matters of minutes), and you’ll also get to see how it looks on different merchandising products. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?



Ensure face recognition for attendee identification

Forget about long waiting lines and delays during the check-in procedure. New technology will take over the event industry. More and more face recognition companies are interested in developing services for event professionals to help them set up efficient check-in dynamics. Based on AI and biometrics, these machines will be able to authenticate attendees and grant them access to the event venue, saving you lots of time and headaches.



Improve the event translation

Although the area still needs some work, professionals are using the AI technology to design and develop instant translation apps. Instead of human translators, we’ll soon be able to use a machine. Of course, there’s always the problem of cultural aspects that can’t be translated exactly through AI technology, yet this new tool will greatly influence the event industry.



Access the mass communication option

Tired of getting bombarded with a litany of questions or doubts from attendees? There’s always the possibility to develop a chatbot especially designed for your event. Chatbots are tireless and will always communicate efficiently with your (potential) attendees, supplying the information or answers they need.



Final thoughts

There’s no point in denying the great impact AI technology is having on the way we design, plan, and run events. Both our work and our attendees’ experience will shift greatly thanks to these new tools. Are you ready for the change?


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