New tool makes safety checks at event locations easier

New tool makes safety checks at event locations easier

​Together with ACC Belgium, the trade association for event agencies and communications agencies, /.nl is launching a new tool to quickly check the safety regulations and permits of event locations, party rooms, etc. online.

A basic step in organizing safe events is checking whether a location meets all necessary permits and follows the safety regulations of government agencies. Consider the maximum number of people, escape routes, technical safety certificates, etc.

Quickly check event location permits online

“Checking permits and safety regulations is very time-consuming for event agencies and clients. At the request of the event agencies themselves, we started looking for a solution. That solution is contained in a document that every event location has: the 'environmental permit' or 'environmental permit'. Now we were just looking for a reliable partner to develop a user-friendly tool to quickly make these documents transparent for organizers. We found this in /.nl, the largest digital platform for the event sector in Belgium and the Netherlands," says Johan Vandepoel of ACC Belgium.

You can easily check whether a location is eligible by looking up the location on /.nl. You can immediately see if and when the permit was uploaded by the location. You can also view the environmental or environmental permit if you are an eventplanner.PRO member. Thanks to the collaboration, all event agencies that are members of ACC Belgium's Event Marketing Expert Center will receive a free .PRO membership.

Has a location not yet uploaded an environmental or environmental permit? You are welcome to encourage them to do so. They can upload the permit with one simple click. Fewer headaches for the client means easier to obtain new bookings for the event location. The locations are responsible for the correctness of the documents they upload.

AED Studios kicks off the start

“Quickly and safely checking the permit and safety regulations of an event location is a nice addition to our reviews and booking module that we previously introduced. Today we are only launching the functionality for event locations, but caterers and other event suppliers will soon be added. Finding and booking the perfect event location and event suppliers for your event becomes even easier. AED Studios, one of the largest event locations in our country, is kicking off the event. They immediately saw the benefit for their customers and want to work more transparently. I am convinced that many others will soon follow AED Studios," said Kevin Van der Straeten, Managing Director /.nl

How does it work?

Simple. You search for the event location on our website and you will immediately see whether the permits have been loaded. For example, this is the link where you can check the permit of AED Studios:

The screenshot below shows you where you can find the information about the environmental permit (see arrow):

Do you have an event location yourself? Then read here how you too can top up your environmental permit for free. By loading your permit you remove the worries of organizers about safety and the environment. You can show visitors at a glance that you are completely compliant.

UPDATE : In the meantime, you can also check the safety regulations of most Libéma locations online. View the profiles of Expo Haarlemmermeer, Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch, Autotron Rosmalen, Zeelandhallen Goes, 1931 Congrescentrum Brabanthallen and Ijsselhallen Zwolle.


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