Spectacular kinetic 3D laser show

Spectacular kinetic 3D laser show

Last year we already showed you an amazing kinetic chandelier which undoubtedly impresses the attendees at your event. However, you can do even better: a matrix of 175 moving balloons and 12 high-precision lasers. Let yourself be inspired by this video.


'Deep Web' is an installation with 12 high-precision lasers and a matrix of 175 moving balloons, which together create a dramatic three-dimensional sculpture of floating lines and dots. The choreography is completely synchronised with the music. 'Deep Web' was developed by Bauder and Robert Henke for the Fête des Lumières in Lyon. The event was, however, cancelled after the IS attacks in Paris, causing the art show to premier in Berlin later this year.


Perhaps an idea for your next event?



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