Why it is Better to Turn Your 'Event Apps' into 'Instant Apps'

Why it is Better to Turn Your 'Event Apps' into 'Instant Apps'

How many attendees have downloaded your event app? How long does the app stay on their smart phone? And how often do they open this app before and after your event? Does this make an event app worth the investment? Google offers a solution: Instant Apps.


Instant Apps are apps which you can immediately use, without first having to download and install it. With one click, your users will access the app. Comparably: on the internet, you click on a link and you will immediately be redirected to the page you have just selected. You only need one click and a few seconds. If you click on a link to a page in an app, and that app is not yet installed, then it will take several clicks and a few minutes before you can continue. With Instant apps, this will be history, at least on Android devices.


Instant Apps are a sort of intermediate solution. These apps are an upgrade of your mobile site or a downgrade of your app. It depends on how you look at it. And it is extremely practical for your event. Because Instant Apps directly counter the most frequent argument against using your event app: "I'm not going to download a 90 MB app for a one-day event". With Instant Apps, downloading and installing is usually not necessary. You establish a link to a page in the app and the visitors will immediately be redirected to that page.


The Instant Apps have recently been created by Google. Whether they will see a major breakthrough is not yet certain, but it is wise to keep a close eye on this evolution. If you already have an event app, you should inform with your app developer what he thinks of this development and what he has to offer you. If you want to have an app developed, then you should certainly include the application of Instant Apps in your quotation request. For the moment, Apple does not (yet) have an alternative for the iPhone.


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