Big Data and its Impact on Events

Big Data and its Impact on Events

Big Data is quickly becoming a very big deal within the meetings and events industry. Before you get started, it is important that you understand what opportunities are available for you to use your event data and how it can help to assess your events value.


The data trend is changing the way that event professionals are planning their events. Many tools are popping up on the market that are focused around helping planners to better execute their events through data driven strategies. etouches explains where to start.



Utilize your data rich technology

The event ecosystem is already abundant with data. With marketing automation tools, event management software and CRM platforms we have ample ways to profile and personalize our approach with specific customers. With the functionality that is already in place on the platforms, we can track a customer or potential attendees journey to help us better understand them. This information is important when it comes to the onsite technology that is in place.


Wearables, iBeacons, RFID, and event mobile apps have significantly improved our ability to capture and monitor activity during our events. Through these tech tools, we are able to collect a massive pool of data rich with insights about our event: the session topics people like most; the keynotes that best earned their speaking fees; the delegates who visited competitors' booths over yours; the shared characteristics of the most (and least) engaged attendees. All of these insights could greatly affect the way that you plan your next event.



Bring value to your event

Don't you want to attend an event feeling like they did all of this for you? They allowed you to meet with the right people, had the perfect session for you, and left you feeling like you accomplished something? That is what data can do for your event, help you to personalize it to increase the value your event has on attendees.


Increase your event's value by using what you know about your attendees to your advantage like their interests, role, region, etc. Many of this can come from their registration profile, but could exist in other areas of your platform as well. If you know what your attendees like, you can alert them of content sessions, special events or providers that are relevant to them.



Do more with less

Get more done in less time with less resources thanks to data. Wouldn't you rather have your team focus their efforts on critical event aspects and automate what you can ahead of time? If yes, then a tool like etouches event ROI could be the solution.


A customer was having an issue with the time it was taking to generate an accurate view of event status, notably pre-registration, revenue and conference session programming. Once the information was collected and compiled, it was already dated. They utilized the event ROI tool to create a dashboard that monitored, in real-time, both the big picture and the details of their event's key event performance metrics. By tapping into their event's data, they were able to identify and proactively manage emerging issues - as well as shift internal resources on much more valuable work activities.


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Show your events' impact

Proving the value of your event can be hard. It isn't as simple as grabbing email, advertising or social media metrics. You need to have tools in place that will allow you to show your event's success and value to your organization.


Due to the event technology ecosystem evolving and the adoption of new digital marketing techniques, planners are increasing both their awareness and comfort levels in working with data. Dashboards like in etouches event ROI solution, allow planners to compare their events’ performance over past years.



How to get started

Data can be intimidating, so don't try to do everything all at once. Start small with one or two metrics that you want to improve and go from there. Once you understand how your technology works together to help gather this data and you have seen how you used it to increase part of your event experience, then you can expand your efforts.


Take the plunge and start putting your event data to work!

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