4 Ingredients for a Successful 'Guerrilla Marketing' Event

4 Ingredients for a Successful 'Guerrilla Marketing' Event

Brands and organisations use guerrilla marketing increasingly often to market their products and services. But what are the ingredients for a successful guerrilla marketing event?


With a guerrilla marketing event, you will achieve big results with a limited budget. By interaction with the audience and the surprising character of your event, you arouse the interest of your customers, or even better: the media. How do you go about such a guerrilla event?



1. Creativity is key

The biggest challenge is probably conjuring up a successful guerrilla marketing event. Fun, original, interactive and a tad provocative, that is the objective. So you have to act very creatively to catch the attention and to make a positive appearance. To do that, you sometimes you have to dare to flirt with the boundaries of what is accepted. If you cross these, you risk gaining negative attention.



2. Small budget, big impact

A characteristic of guerrilla events is that you can reach a lot of people with a smaller budget. A good idea does not always have to be expensive. That nowadays quite a bit of money is thrown at it, sometimes has to do with the use of high-tech gadgets, such as 3D-projections, virtual reality, touch screens, ....



3. Surprising and unconventional

These are perhaps the most important ingredients of a guerrilla event. Surprise your audience. Think of something that is completely detached from the context, both in terms of timing and location. Something like beach events in the middle of winter, a sports match in a shopping mall, a flash mob in the station or in the supermarket, ... The more unexpected it is, the easier your audience remembers it.



4. Go viral

Don't forget to make a video of your event and to put it on YouTube or Vimeo. That way, you give your guerrilla marketing a second life using social media. Is your event a success and has it produced a nice video, then people will love to share it.


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