Will Printing Food and Decoration on Events with a 3D Printer in the Future?

Will Printing Food and Decoration on Events with a 3D Printer in the Future?

Food Ink introduces its 3D restaurant in London. The pop-up restaurant takes 3D to another level and is serving quite a few major world cities with its gastronomic concept. Their interior and the pieces of art they conjure up on your plate have one thing in common: they are both completely printed!


A few days ago, the 3D pop-up descended upon London, where they inaugurate their revolutionary tour. Tickets for the nine-course menu were sold out in no time, and rightfully so. Quite a few big cities, including Dubai, Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo are future locations. High-end chefs, artists and technologists work together to realise this beautiful concept.




Yet a lot of (missed?) opportunities

Those of you who keep track of the latest trends, have probably already noticed that the 3D mania has passed its peak. Too bad, because it offers quite a few nice opportunities. Food Ink cleverly uses this fact, but what stops the event industry from using this technology to the fullest?


First of all, there are quite a few options when it comes to gadgets. Printing a miniature version of someone doesn't take that long anymore and the prices aren't that bad at all. A nice extra for an event with a limited audience, where everyone can go home with a figurine of themselves and smiles on their faces. In terms of originality, this will certainly score points!


It can also give that extra boost to your printed material. An invitation with an extra dimension, or small printed constructions will immediately stand out. You can bet that they will be noticed, more so than an ordinary flyer. The more playful, the greater the chance it will end up on social media.


Or what about decoration? A vase in your own design? The company logo on all tables? But you can print more than just what's beside the plate. With special food printers you can also print your snacks.


You can go as far as you want to go. Literally everything can be printed, so make sure you discover all the options. Adapt it to your theme and surprise your guests. A 3D-printed touch can definitely make the difference between just another event and an unforgettable event.



Small investment, large return!

So buy yourself a 3D printer. Feel free to experiment with it and find out what kind of positive effects it will have on your creativity. Best of luck and make sure to keep us posted on your findings!


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