5 Gamification Applications to Make Your Event More Productive

5 Gamification Applications to Make Your Event More Productive

Gamification is the application of gaming techniques in non-gaming environments. In gamification, gaming elements are used to motivate attendees and to enrich their experiences. In other words, an ideal way to gain more from your events. But how do you apply this concretely?


The principle of gamification isn't new. Since the dawn of time, mankind has played games. And it's not just kids who are doing it. There are also many adults who are enthusiastic gamers in the wide sense of the term. A bit of competition makes us more alert and incites us to action quicker. And that is useful in the event industry. We give you 5 different applications.


1. Attract more visitors to your exhibition stand

Invite prospects and customers for an interactive game at your exhibition stand. Such a game immediately gives you a conversation starter, to easier make new contacts. During the game, participants learn about the products and services that you offer. And this original approach causes your brand to be imprinted in their memories.


2. Test the knowledge of your participants

After a presentation, workshop or training, test the knowledge of your participants with a nice quiz. Announce the quiz beforehand and offer the winner a nice price. This way, you encourage participants even more to listen to your speech and you will know right away whether they have remembered any of it. 


3. Forge strong bonds in a team building

Gaming elements in team buildings are not a novelty. You face the teams with a challenging mystery, a complicated puzzle or a bumpy obstacle course, and cooperation will form immediately. People who barely know each other work together and join forces to be the first to solve the puzzle and win the game.


4. Increase the engagement of your participants

Who's the best networker? Who attends the most info sessions? Who visits the most stands? Hand out points or badges for every action your participant takes. He or she who collects the most badges or points is the winner and is on the top of the list. You should visualize this for everyone and give the winner a prize.


5. Create a buzz on social media

Do you want to score on social media with your event? Then you should make it into a game. Who shares quicker? Or who collects the most ‘likes’? You should also give points for this and put the winner in the spotlights. On his or her favourite medium, of course!


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