5 tips for getting 'influencers' on your event

5 tips for getting 'influencers' on your event

As an event organiser, you of course want to have so-called 'influencers' on your event. So that they can make your event more popular with their followers. But how do you get these wanted internet stars to help you? We give you 5 tips.  


By influencer, we mean a person with a certain level of fame in his profession and especially with a large following on social media. Think, for example, of bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and social media 'stars' with masses of followers. These followers regard the influencers as reliable sources of information. If an influencer blogs, posts or tweets that he's going to your event, chances are his followers would like to be there as well. Thus, influencers have the ability of making your event popular with a large audience. There are influencers for every industry and every audience.  


Of course, you are not the only one who wants these famous influencers on your event. Therefore, we give you 5 tips with which you can persuade them to choose for your event.  


1. Personally invite them

Choose the right moment and the right medium for your invitation. Mass-messaging your influencer is not done. Approach them personally. You get the biggest change of success if you already know the person you wish to invite more or less. Acquire information in advance to determine the right moment to invite him/her. Also try to find out how he likes to be reached: by phone, with a personal email or with a nice invitation per mail.  


2. Make sure you create added value

Influencers accept your invitation more easily if they feel that their presence adds value for their audience and themselves. Make sure you choose the right person to serve your target audience. Is it in the influencer's interest as well to meet this target audience, then he will much sooner accept.  


3. Provide an incentive

Try to estimate what it is that your influencer appreciates. Is he susceptible to an exclusive gift? Or would he much sooner like to fulfil the role of being a host or having his name shown on the invitation? Perhaps he would like to be treated as an exclusive VIP who is picked up by a car with a driver.  


4. Pick the right location

Make sure you choose an ultra-hip or brand new location. That way, you do not only seduce your participants, but also your influencer. After all, he too likes to be spotted on exclusive locations. Sometimes it is better to first select the influencer and then location second. Let him make suggestions or decide on the location. That way, he is involved even more in your event and will be even more inclined to report on this to his following and his network.  


5. Engage other influencers as well

People who are conscious of their value as influencers like to be surrounded by others with a similar influence. These might be keynote speakers, nominees for a certain award or other 'celebrities'. Make sure you also involve you influencer and ask him who he would like to involve or recommend.


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