Sweatworking is the New Way of Networking and Meeting

Sweatworking is the New Way of Networking and Meeting

'Sweatworking' is a composition of 'sweating' and 'networking', in short: networking while you work out. ‘Sweatworking’ takes networking away from restaurants and meeting rooms. The new 'places to be', where you expand your network, are gyms and sports centres. 


'Sweatworking' sessions are the new lunch meetings. Ideal for brainstorming, meeting new customers, getting to know contacts better and even to recruit fresh talent. A session like this is also a way to test how a candidate reacts to certain circumstances.


From cocktail to cardio

When 'sweatworking', it's much easier to make new acquaintances. Instead of chatting over a bite and a drink, groups of hip networkers are now connecting with each other eating healthy after an intense workout session. Gyms make good use of this fact and include private group sessions and one-to-one workouts in their offerings.


Working out together creates a connection

While 'sweatworking', you get to know people in a different way. 'Sweating' together creates a connection. You show your vulnerable side and the physical exertion wears you out. If you have to work together with a new colleague, an intense one-to-one workout session is just what you need. Getting results together in the gym, builds a solid base for your collaboration. Are you looking for a solid teambuilding activity? A group lesson in fitness is an ideal challenge: working out together with colleagues, exerting yourselves together, having fun together. It's also a pleasant way to get away from the everyday dullness of the office.


Increased productivity

That physical activity has a positive effect on the brain's functioning has been scientifically proven more than once. If you get enough exercise, your brain gets more oxygen, you work more efficiently and you can cope with stress more easily. So 'Sweatworking' causes you to be more productive, you gain better results and you fully experience the advantages of a healthy lifestyle. However, there are some who are critical of this way of networking. Not everyone feels comfortable with working out with colleagues or people whom they still have to become acquainted with. By showing some leadership, you might be able to convince the sceptics. After all, sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and social pressure. 


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