Uber Tests Prepaid Service for Events

Uber Tests Prepaid Service for Events

Will Uber soon replace the shuttle driving from and to your event? Who knows… At the moment, a test case is running in New York which is focused on events. Event organizers buy a kind of card with UberEvents with which their attendees pay for the transportation going to and from their event.


Especially in a busy environment, organizing transportation for your event is a busy, time-consuming and sometimes expensive matter. For you as an event planner, but also for your attendees. If you make their transportation easier and safer, you will certainly enhance their experience. UberEvents has come up with a solution for this problem.


How does it work?

You as an organizer buy a kind of members card from UberEvents. You charge it with a maximum amount per ride and a maximum number of rides. Then you will receive a code which you share with the attendees of your event. You create one code for all your attendees or individual codes per guest. You can even personalize the code with the name of your event. For your attendees it's easy: they order a ride with Uber and enter the code when they make the order.


Risk-free system

According to Uber, you as an organizer don't face any risks: as soon as your event is over, you will be reimbursed for the unused rides. If attendees exceed the maximum amount the card is charged with, they have to pay the extra cost themselves.


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