What Type of Event Planner are You?

What Type of Event Planner are You?

Event organizers come in all shapes and sizes, with varying characteristics. Each type has its own pitfalls and advantages. 


Here, we describe six distinct types. Do you see yourself in one of these types?  



The analytical planner 

The analytical planner has an introvert personality but a sharp analytical mind. He mainly strives for clarity and precision. Facts and figures are his trade. The planner focuses on results. The ideal go-to-guy for working out road maps into the tiniest detail. An evaluation after the event is also safe in his hands. However, this methodical event professional is less suited for crisis management. He likes to work behind the screens and is not fond of being in the spotlights.  


The go-getter 

The go-getter aims for perfection. He finds values very important. Respect is the basis for his relations. This go-getter perseveres where others have long since given up. This type of event organizer finds solutions to problems that baffle anyone else. He is the driving force behind the extra dimension that makes an event unique. But he ought to be careful not to go too far and that he stops pushing and pulling at the right moment.  


The dreamer 

This is the creative brain in the team. The dreamer keeps coming up with original ideas. This man knows how to turn a dull briefing into a brilliant concept that positively surprises clients and attendants. He thinks out of the box and has the guts to flout convention. He is the creative genius that effortlessly produces a concept for a novel event. He has a bit of trouble, however, with making his idea reality. He finds it hard to focus. He also has little eye for detail. And that is a major pitfall when you are producing events.  


The leader  

No event without a strong leader. This person likes to take charge in the organisation and the communication of an event. He knows how to motivate and push a team of employees. He is extravert and devoted. Always. The man of the action. He moves and lets other people move. That is his strong-suit. But sometimes he is impulsive and takes risks. That is why he needs the other competences in his team.  


The rebel innovator 

The rebel innovator is the playful one in the team. Fun and games are important to him. He doesn't take himself and the situation too seriously. And thanks to his playful character, he gets away with it. He is able to see the big picture and is very able to put things into perspective. He loves to question persistent but rusty ideas and old routines. He likes to view things from a different side and thereby causes innovation. However, he should be mindful that he ought to remain constructive and not overthink things excessively.  


The networker 

As the name implies, the networker mainly focuses on people and relations. He is friendly, social and extravert. His greatest concern is that everyone in the team feels at ease. He constantly tries to maintain harmony and accord. Solving conflicts is his calling. That way, he builds a strong network. He likes to please others, but he should take care not to take this too far. An advantage, however, is that others also like to do something extra for him. And that can be practical when you need someone to help you out at the very last moment.   



Have you recognised your type? 

You’ve probably have recognised yourself in several of these types. That's perfectly natural. Everyone has pieces of these types in them, with one or two types that are more strikingly similar. Perhaps you have also recognised your team members in these descriptions. That is also very possible. The ideal event team contains a healthy blend of all personalities, with their talents and pitfalls. And everyone contributes to the success of an event.     


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