Kick Up Your Content Planning

Kick Up Your Content Planning

Today attendees are looking for more than just a stellar keynote presentation and great networking opportunities. They want an event that can offer them even more in terms of content before, during and after the event. The challenge is how you find the time to create enough content to keep your attendees engaged, and make sure that you aren't spending all your efforts with content and forgetting about other event logistics.  


With a plethora of tools and apps available to help with content marketing, you need to make sure that you aren't just picking any tool to implement but the right one. Do you need help sourcing content to share around your event? Are you looking for a tool to automate and monitor social media postings? Or are you simply looking for tools that will help you to create different content pieces to share?  


Figure out what your goals are for content and where you need help, then dive into implementing your new solution. Check out a few picks below to kick up your content planning.  



With kippt you can collect links, articles, images, watch videos, share notes with team members and more. The great thing about kippt is that it doesn't just have to be for individual use, you can use it for your team as well. If you are planning an event with a team of people, this is a great tool to share content you see on the web about your event or to collect content to share via social media. Everyone on your team who you add to a story will be able to see what you post.   



With Periscope you can broadcast your event live from where ever you are - on wifi or on your cellphone's data. People who follow you and other people in the area will see your video pop up on their app. They can then watch and interact with other viewers. This makes people part of the conversation at your event even if they are not present. Post event, people can still view the videos and there is even a web version of the link to watch and share online. This is great to send in post show emails as a wrap up of the event! Now the one question about periscope that people have is, how do you deal with the legalities of it? To answer simply, just ask people or make a sign letting people know that you are broadcasting them live. Be sure to cover all your bases, so you don’t get people coming up to you after your event upset.  



A social storytelling tool, Storify is a must for any post event content communication. So many people talk about your event, so aggregate the content in once space for people to visit and see what they missed out on or remind them why they enjoyed themselves! As periscope is a great tool for during your event, Storify will help you recap everything that went on during your event. From the media’s posts to attendees pictures and more. Get your event out to a larger audience. It is also a great tool to use if you have a social contest happening at your event across multiple platforms. You can source the hashtag for your contest on Storify and use it as the centralized place for all contest news. The possibilities are endless here!  



Don't just implement a tool because you think it sounds cool or because other event planners are using it. Use a content marketing solution that will actually benefit your event and make the time you spend on it worth it. Ultimately you want to make sure that it helps you keep your attendees engaged and saves you time. For more insight on content marketing and solutions available, check out the etouches blog.


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