Eco Food: Choose a Local, Organic Caterer

Eco Food: Choose a Local, Organic Caterer

In last week's Green Team article, you read how you can easily make a sustainable choice in meeting venue or event location just by asking. Just like questions asked of meeting venues and hotels, those questions can be asked when selecting a caterer.


Sustainable and organic catering companies are, in fact, booming.  Here are some things to consider when seeking out a sustainable caterer (or when discussing more sustainable F&B choices with your meeting venue)...


Keep it Local

Choose a local catering company or buy products from a local provider. The farther food has to travel to your event, the greater the greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation. As a result, using local catering and products not only saves the environment, but also often money.  


Use local providers that are Certified Organic. These suppliers are audited annually to ensure they are following organic practices, which often have a lesser negative impact on the environment.  


No local, organic caterer available? Even a traditional catering company will typically work with you to source at least portions of your meal local and/or organic. Even a few items on the menu that have been sourced locally are better than none!  


Plan With The Season In Mind

Ask for seasonal dishes. Large-scale suppliers often provide products outside the season. These products are grown using lots of artificial lighting, heating and extra watering. The extra energy that is needed here is not only at the expense of the environment, but also pushes the prices up considerably.  Not to mention, creating menus built around fruits and veggies that are season just taste better.  


Work Within Your Budget

These days, it can be easy to find sustainable products or caterers, but what about the price tag?! As more and more demand takes place in our industry, this makes local and organic choices more affordable.  So talk to your caterer about what's possible within your budget. Often times, planning seasonal menus provided by local suppliers can actually save money. 


There's more available than you think!


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Source: GMIC


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