Bring Your Reviews to Life with Photos!

Bring Your Reviews to Life with Photos!

At, we're always striving to enhance the experience for both event planners and businesses on our platform. Reviews play a crucial role in helping planners across the globe find the best event venues and suppliers.

Today, we're excited to introduce a fantastic new feature that will take your reviews to the next level: the ability to add photos!

Why photos matter

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to event planning, visuals can make all the difference. Adding photos to your reviews allows you to showcase the true essence of the event venues and suppliers you've experienced. Whether it's a beautifully decorated wedding venue, a vibrant corporate event setup, or a stunning catering display, photos provide valuable insights that words alone often cannot.

We understand that not everyone may have photos to share, and that's perfectly fine. Adding photos to your reviews is completely optional. Your written experiences are still incredibly valuable to our community. However, if you do have photos, we encourage you to include them to provide an even richer review.

Benefits for event planners

For event planners, this new feature means more comprehensive and informative reviews. When browsing through venues and suppliers, you can now see real-life examples of what others have experienced. This visual context helps you make more informed decisions and choose the best options for your upcoming events.

Boost for event businesses

For the businesses on our platform, photos in reviews serve as a powerful tool to attract and convince potential clients. Positive reviews accompanied by high-quality photos can significantly enhance your profile, showcasing your services in the best possible light and helping to build trust with new prospects.

How to add photos

Adding photos to your review is simple. After writing your review, you'll see an option to upload images. Drag & drop the best shots that capture your experience and upload them along with your review. It"s that easy!

Join the community

We’re thrilled to see how this new feature will enrich our community's reviews. By sharing your experiences and photos, you're helping fellow event planners find the perfect venues and event suppliers, and supporting businesses in showcasing their best work.

Start adding photos to your reviews today and bring your stories to life on!


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