Get Ready to Achieve the Label

Get Ready to Achieve the Label

The event industry stands at a pivotal moment where sustainability transcends being a trend to become an essential practice. With the introduction of the label, we've taken a significant leap towards embedding sustainability into the core of every event we influence.  

This label isn't just an initiative; it's a pledge towards real, actionable sustainability that goes beyond the surface level.


The label, a label for event suppliers and venues, stands as our steadfast commitment to ensure every event not only leaves a lasting impression but also a positive impact on our planet. We're moving past traditional sustainability efforts like reducing plastic use or promoting green travel. Instead, we're focusing on comprehensive sustainability impact assessments that scrutinize every element of the event supply chain.

A comprehensive framework for sustainability

Achieving true sustainability requires examining a wide range of practices, from energy conservation and waste management to ethical procurement and positive community impacts. The label sets forth a robust framework of sustainability criteria designed to inspire and facilitate significant, sustainable transformations in how event suppliers and venues operate.

Requirements for the label

As the official rollout of approaches (official launch expected in 2025), we're unveiling the specific requirements for obtaining this distinguished label. The criteria are crafted to be both rigorous and realistic, challenging event venues and suppliers to integrate sustainable practices into their businesses meaningfully. The requirements aim to cover essential sustainability areas, including eco-friendly procurement, carbon footprint minimisation, and promoting inclusivity and economic responsibility.

By participating, you not only contribute to a greener planet but also position yourself as a leader in sustainable event planning.

Your participation is key

The journey towards sustainability is a collaborative effort, and your input is crucial. By sharing the initial requirements for the label, we invite you to start preparing, to assess your current practices, and to envision the changes necessary to align with the  guidelines. We also encourage you to provide feedback, helping us refine and perfect the label to truly reflect the industry's needs and ambitions.

A unified path forward

The introduction of the label signifies a new era in the event industry - one where sustainability is not just an option but a defining characteristic of all involved parties. For organisers, this label serves as a critical tool in selecting the right partners, ensuring that every aspect of their event aligns with best-in-class sustainability practices.


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