eventplanner.net Unveils 'Tickets': Simplified Visitor Registration and Ticketing

eventplanner.net Unveils 'Tickets': Simplified Visitor Registration and Ticketing

In an exciting development for event professionals everywhere, we're thrilled to announce the launch of 'Tickets', the latest addition to our comprehensive suite of event planning software.

This innovative tool is set to revolutionise how event organisers manage visitor registration and ticketing through one integrated event software, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of our event technology.

Transforming Event Ticketing and Registration

'Tickets' by eventplanner.net is designed to simplify the ticketing and visitor registration process for all kinds of events. Initially rolling out with features catered to events offering free tickets and RSVP guest lists, this tool is perfect for organisers looking to streamline their event entry process efficiently. The focus on free events, RSVPs, and later also paid tickets reflects a commitment to providing solutions that cater to a diverse range of event needs.

Beta Release: Be Among the First to Experience

We are excited to announce that 'Tickets' is now available in beta. This is a unique opportunity for event planners to be among the first to test and experience the full capabilities of this cutting-edge tool. Your feedback during this beta phase will be invaluable in shaping the future development of 'Tickets' to best meet the needs of the event planning community.

Integrated Ticket Scanner App

One of the standout features of 'Tickets' is its seamless integration with eventplanner.net's existing iPhone and Android application. This integration includes a built-in ticket scanner, making entry management at events faster and more reliable than ever. Furthermore, the app's offline mode ensures uninterrupted service, allowing organisers to keep scanning tickets even when the internet connection drops. Any data collected offline is automatically synced once a connection is re-established, ensuring no attendee information is ever lost.

A Commitment to Safety and Privacy

In today's digital age, safety and privacy are paramount. 'Tickets' is designed as a safe, privacy-first solution, rooted in European data protection standards. This emphasis on security and privacy positions 'Tickets' as a trustworthy alternative in the event technology market, especially for organisers and attendees who prioritise data security.

Expanding the Horizon

While 'Tickets' offers a robust solution for many events, eventplanner.net recognises the diverse needs of the event industry. For those seeking more advanced ticketing solutions, the eventplanner.net directory continues to list a wide range of external ticketing tools. In the near future, plans are in place to integrate some of these advanced solutions directly with the eventplanner.net software, offering users an even broader spectrum of ticketing options.

The Future of Event Planning

The introduction of 'Tickets' is just the beginning. As eventplanner.net continues to innovate and expand its software offerings, event organisers can look forward to a future where every aspect of event planning and management is more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly.

Embrace the Change

Organisers ready to elevate their event management process can start using 'Tickets' in its beta phase today. This tool not only simplifies the logistical challenges of event planning but also enhances the overall experience for both organisers and attendees.

With 'Tickets', eventplanner.net reaffirms its position as a leader in event technology solutions, continuously striving to meet the evolving needs of the event industry. Join us in embracing this exciting new chapter in event planning.

Stay tuned for more updates and explore the possibilities with eventplanner.net. With 'Tickets', your events are not just events; they're experiences.


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