Triple Feature Release: Next-Level Event Planning

Triple Feature Release: Next-Level Event Planning

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing event management for our diverse community, we're delighted to announce a trio of new features went live on our platform in the last week.

Here's a comprehensive look into what's new and how it can benefit you:

1. Streamlining Callsheets with checkmarks ✅

By popular demand and direct feedback from our dedicated users, we are introducing checkmarks for our Callsheets tool in our event software. This addition ensures:

  • Effortless Tracking: Eliminate second-guessing on completed tasks. Simply tick them off and remain in full control of your event's flow.
  • Real-Time Clarity: Every team member gets a real-time view of tasks completed, fostering impeccable coordination.
  • Boosted Confidence: Now with a visual progress guide accessible both on our mobile app and web interface, experience a more assured and serene event management process.

2. Boosting .PRO Efficiency with Callsheets attachments ?

Our .PRO users are in for a treat! The 'attachments for Callsheets' feature now allows direct file uploads to each Callsheet entry. From crucial contracts to intricate layouts, ensure you have every vital document in one consolidated spot. If you're yet to experience the prowess of our .PRO version, there's no better time to upgrade!

3. Elevate Business Engagement with Auto Reply ?

Exclusively for our esteemed Premium Business Page owners, we bring you the Auto Reply feature for our inbox, designed to enrich user engagement:

  • Instantaneous Interaction: Automatically send out appreciation notes or acknowledgments as soon as users connect with you.
  • Quick Value Addition: Seamlessly share your standard rate cards, brochures, or any pertinent information to offer immediate insights.
  • Assured Personal Touch: While the auto reply kicks in instantly, assure users that a custom-tailored response is soon to follow, ensuring they always feel cherished and prioritized.

In essence, these novel introductions signify's unwavering commitment to revolutionising the event planning domain. We believe in continuous evolution, step by step, driven by our users' needs and the latest industry trends. Dive in, explore these features, and as always, plan with confidence and creativity!


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