The Art of the Perfect Aftermovie

The Art of the Perfect Aftermovie

After an event you want to permanently capture that special feeling and essence. The aftermovie is the ideal medium for this. But how do you ensure that your video doesn't get lost in the crowd?

Here are some tips.

1. Start with a bang

A digital spectator has a short attention span. Start with something striking and leave out those lengthy shots of the location. Immediately give people a reason to look further.

2. Storytelling is everything

What do you want people to remember after watching? Provide a storyline that evokes emotions, not just a series of beautiful images. Combine images with music and text to strengthen the message.

3. Flexible scheduling

Although a shot list is crucial, there must be room for spontaneous moments. These unplanned shots can actually be the most memorable.

4. Know your audience

Who do you want to reach with your aftermovie? Understand their needs and respond to them. Whether they are current visitors or future ones, make sure your video finds resonance.

5. Less is more

It's easy to fall in love with all your recorded material. But focus on the essence. Cut unnecessary shots, even if they are beautiful.

6. Finish strong

An aftermovie should give a feeling of satisfaction. Finish the story well and make sure the message sticks.

7. Visual effects - a tool, not a necessity

Visual effects can be an addition, but they should not overshadow the story. So use them in moderation and make sure they contribute to your message.

8. Authentic interviews

Interviews can really humanize your aftermovie. Have real and sincere conversations. Prepared questions are important, but leave room for spontaneous answers.

9. Dare to be different

Not every aftermovie has to follow the same format. Experiment, especially if you have a corporate event. Ask yourself: why would anyone want to be here?

Planning an event is an intensive task. Make sure your aftermovie receives the same care and attention. And remember, if you find it overwhelming, there are professionals who can help. You will find various companies that can make an aftermovie for your event on Your aftermovie should not just be an afterthought, but a valuable memory.


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Tinne Conjaerts
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