Free Marketing Training for Event Businesses

Free Marketing Training for Event Businesses

The event industry continues to develop at a rapid pace. It is therefore crucial as an event company to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, also when it comes to your marketing.

That is why we are launching a new free online training especially for event locations and suppliers. The training helps you unlock the full potential of your business page. The training, which we offer in English, was therefore given the promising title: "Unlock the Full Potential of your Business Page: The Insider's Guide

Extensive curriculum for optimal success

This new training offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to give event companies the tools and knowledge they need to get the best possible conversion from our platform. The curriculum includes the following modules:

1. Kick-Starting Your Journey: Welcome and Introduction

Start your journey with a warm welcome and an introduction to the course.

2. Build Your Digital Presence: Create an Impactful Business Page

Learn how to create an impactful business page that stands out and engages visitors.

3. Post, Connect, Thrive: How to Reach Thousands of Event Planners

Learn how to post, connect with our community, and get results by reaching thousands of event planners.

4. Your Control Center Unveiled: Exploring the Dashboard

Explore your dashboard and learn how you can use it to effectively manage your Page.

5. Climb the Ranks: Expert Strategies for Boosting Your Search Engine Position

The best strategies to improve your ranking in our search engine and get more visibility.

6. Unlock Sales Success: Optimise Review Scores to Drive Conversions

Learn how to optimise your review scores to increase your page's conversion and boost your sales.

7. The Last Stretch: Venturing into Miscellaneous Topics and Final Takeaways

We give you some final insights to ensure the success of your campaign.

Why should you take the free training?

In a super competitive market, it's hard to stand out. This training offers practical steps and proven strategies that can help you take your event business to the next level. It is an indispensable source of inspiration and knowledge for all marketers, business leaders and sales professionals in our sector who want to optimise their business page.

Are you an organiser yourself and not a provider in the event sector? Then of course we still have our 'Event Management Certification' training course for you, which teaches you all the ins and outs of our event software.

Register Today!

Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your skills and grow your business. Register today for this free online training!


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