The Key to Workplace Happiness: Creative Strategies for Happy Employees

The Key to Workplace Happiness: Creative Strategies for Happy Employees

Do you know which buttons to press to keep your employees happy? A pressing question, now that many indicators in point to reduced well-being in the workplace. How do you approach this (creatively)?


Rising absenteeism figures, more long-term sick employees, burnouts, ... As an employer, you cannot underestimate the importance of well-being in the workplace. If your employees feel happy, they will get to work motivated. This results in quality work and productivity. It applies to your existing employees and also to the talent you want to attract in the future. If you want to be successful as an organization, investing in happiness at work is a must-do, even in times of rising (personnel) costs.


Best Workplaces

The business platform Inc. annually publishes a list of Best Workplaces. This list contains the employers who provide their people with the most happiness at work. The common recipe behind these best workplaces? They are employers who respond flexibly to the needs of their people with their terms of employment.

Responding to personal needs

Responding flexibly and creatively to those needs is the way to go. This may concern the 'hard' aspects, such as making wages and working conditions more flexible in a cafeteria plan or offering flexible working hours. And then there are the soft aspects. Get time to volunteer. A running club with equipment in your house style. The office that becomes a 'campus' for learning, networking and collaboration. Bring your dog to the office. Or a concrete example close to home, the event software developer Halito, where 60 minutes of sports in private time is equivalent to 10 minutes of paid vacation.


Not only has the workforce become much more diverse, employees also have increasingly diverse needs in their private lives. That also means a logical continuation in a broader range of employment conditions. And not to lose sight of in the event sector, Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2010, is storming into the workplace. According to data from the World Economic Forum, generations will make up 27% of the total workforce by 2025. They are very critical when it comes to choosing an employer: happiness at work as an employment condition is number 1.

Cost price?

Perhaps you are thinking mainly of the cost price of these promotions. Make a business case: in the tight labor market, these investments may be cheaper than finding, training and retaining (new) talent. Some initiatives can be budget neutral or even cost no money but only a time investment.

Team building. Just do it!

Team building activities are great fun, and if you do it smartly, they strengthen the team and you build a powerful team that likes to work for you. During a team building, your team members can also develop new skills, allowing them to grow themselves and apply these new skills in the daily reality of your company.

Looking for an original team building? These companies are happy to help you put together an unforgettable team building event.


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