Become an Official Partner: Certify your Event Company in our Event Software

Become an Official Partner: Certify your Event Company in our Event Software

Interested in becoming an official partner of as an event agency, wedding planner, venue, caterer, etc.? Now you can!  After we launched our online event software training and certification for event professionals at the beginning of this year, we are now doing the same for our partners.

Now that more and more organizers are using our event software, the question arises more and more: how do we find an event agency, location or supplier that also works with the software? That is important for many organizers. This way they can be sure that tasks and scenarios they share with their event partners are followed up.

Why certify yourself as a partner

To make it easier for organizers to find the best event supplier qualified to work with our software, we are starting with partner certification.

With your certificate, your event company becomes more attractive to clients and they have an extra reason not to opt for the competition. To make your new certificate known, we plan campaigns together with our partners and ensure a clear mention on your company page.

What to do to get certified

The certification is simple. At least five of your employees follow the online training and successfully complete the exam. Bingo, your partner certificate has arrived! If you have less than five permanent employees, you must obtain that number of certificates.

Every year we check whether you meet the certification requirements. Employees with a certificate may have left your company, additional modules may have been added to the training that require personal recertification, and so on.

Not quite convinced yet?

We give nice discounts to make the training and certification attractive for your company. Moreover, the time investment to follow the training and obtain the certificate is very reasonable. in principle you can watch the training videos and take the short exam in an hour or two. Moreover, your event managers will work more efficiently after the training with our software, which will quickly earn back that time.

Next step?

Get in touch via and we'll set everything up for you.


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