eventplanner.eco Sustainability Label: Coming Soon

eventplanner.eco Sustainability Label: Coming Soon

Protecting our environment and caring for the communities that depend on it… these things are no longer a matter of choice. And as event organizers impose ever-stricter sustainability standards, the demand for ecologically and socially-responsible suppliers is very much on the rise.


But how, as a prospective client, do you go about finding partners who meet your standards? And how, as a responsible venue or event supplier, can you boost your profile as a sustainable supplier? As the world’s fastest growing events platform, we are all about bringing the right people together. Which is why we’ve developed a solution in the form of a new sustainability label exclusive for the events industry. The eventplanner.eco label will go live in 2025. Which means now is the time to get ready to boost your sustainable image.


Simply sustainable

With so many different and often confusing eco and sustainability labels for specific niches like venues, caterers, etc. there is a genuine need for a simpler and more uniform approach that covers the entire event industry. To make it easier for prospects to demand the same level of compliance from all their event suppliers. And when you realize that the complex and often costly certification process of existing labels places them beyond the reach of smaller businesses, there is also a need for a more accessible and democratic alternative. At least, that is the feedback we’ve received from thousands of eventplanner.net users. And our answer? A new, overarching sustainability label for the entire event industry: eventplanner.eco.


Raising the bar

In order to be certified under the new eventplanner.eco label, event venues and suppliers must satisfy a number of environmental and social criteria, commit to following a minimum number of sustainability guidelines, and sign the eventplanner.net sustainability charter. Given that the possibilities and impact of small businesses are not the same as those of larger organizations, the requirements of the label also vary accordingly. 


Across our industry

Every event venue or supplier, from every corner of the event industry, and from every region of the world can apply for the .eco label. All you need is a (free or premium) eventplanner.net business page. An audit fee is payable upon application, as well as a small annual contribution to the program. 


Ready to go .eco?

The eventplanner.eco label goes live in 2023. So if you’re looking to boost your visibility as an environmentally and socially-responsible venue or supplier, now is the time to get your credentials together. We'll be in touch soon with more info on how and when to apply.


Experts wanted!

In the meantime, if you’re a sustainability expert, trade union, sector association, or event professional who’s already committed to the cause, be sure to get in touch! We are always open to new partnerships and welcome new members of our advisory board. Together, we can make a positive impact, give something back to our event planner community, and raise the bar for a more sustainable industry across the globe and into the future!


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