This is how you avoid queues at the COVID scan

This is how you avoid queues at the COVID scan

Now that the corona pass is on the rise at events as a weapon against the new autumn wave, what can you do to avoid queues at scanning?

You are not allowed to let visitors in without a valid corona certificate and proof of identity. You check the validity of the evidence using the scanner app. Green screen? Your visitor has valid proof. Now check if the information on the green screen is the same as the information on the ID. To protect the privacy of the visitor, sometimes you do not see all the data on your screen. Then there is a dash (-) in the box. In that case, you only need to check the data that you do see.

How can you easily organize this procedure? Our 'golden rules' at a glance:

Communicate in advance

For example, send an email a day in advance with clear instructions. Ask your audience to install the COVID app and upload the certificates (or bring a printed version). Also ask your guests to have their ID ready.

Provide clear signage

Provide clear signage at the entrance: have the COVID app and proof of identity ready! This makes it easy to scan.

Organize your queue smartly

Make sure that people can keep their distance and that the room is well ventilated. is it okay again? Setting up the queue outside is still the best place.

Provide sufficient scanning capacity

Depending on the number of guests, you can provide multiple 'lanes' to make scanning go smoothly. Also ensure a stable internet connection for the scanners (preferably on a separate network).

Provide a plan B

Create clear procedures and maybe even provide specific security personnel if a scan turns red. The vaccination debate is polarized. It is quite possible that not everyone who is denied access will simply agree to it.


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