How AI is Transforming the Event Industry

How AI is Transforming the Event Industry

Artificial Intelligence is not a distant future. It's everywhere these days. For the event industry, AI goes beyond personalisation of visitors and networks. Digital twins are now on the rise.

The GPU Technology Conference (GTC), held online this spring, showcased the very latest in artificial intelligence, accelerated computing, intelligent networking, game development, and more. The technology was not only demonstrated, but was also used to take the event itself to the next level. For example, slides were made in 3D instead of in normal slides. Those 3D worlds speak a lot more strongly than the classic bullet points in PowerPoint.

NVIDIA, best known for its video cards among gamers, attracted by far the most attention. CEO Jensen Huang addressed his virtual audience from his kitchen. During part of the keynote it was not Huang who spoke but a photo-realistic digital clone of the CEO (and his kitchen). Nobody noticed.

The use of virtual stand-ins at digital events is not new, and the development and implementation of avatar-based platforms has grown exponentially over the past year. But those characters don't look like real people.

To achieve the impressive result, NVIDIA's digital designers performed a face and body scan to create a 3D model of Huang. After that, AI was trained to mimic its gestures and expressions. This was done through the company's Omniverse technology, a multidisciplinary collaboration tool for creating 3D virtual spaces. His entire kitchen was also virtually cloned down to the smallest detail.

To illustrate the speed of implementation, NVIDIA VP and Executive Creative Director told Wright that his team captured the concept a month in advance. A week before the event, the engineers built the virtual version of Hung, using a voice recording of his keynote.

Source: Photo: NVIDIA


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