eventplanner.net Launches 6 New Sites in 3 New Languages

eventplanner.net Launches 6 New Sites in 3 New Languages

We already announced it on eventplanner.live, and now the time has come. Our Belgian, Dutch and international websites get 6 new sites in one fell swoop and 3 new languages at the same time.

New markets offer new opportunities and new reach! Our advertisers can now tap into new markets. Their company pages, posts, vacancies, ... are available immediately on all our websites and are automatically translated into all available languages on our platform by our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Not satisfied with an automatic translation? Then you just adjust them.

For our readers and users, it means that you get access to tons of inspiration and knowledge from additional countries.

The sites are still in beta version, but you can already discover them:

More opportunities for restart

"Technologically we are taking another gigantic step forward with event planner, and we are quite proud of that", says Kevin Van der Straeten. "By constantly reinventing ourselves and investing in the event sector even in difficult times, we are convinced that we can give the event companies and venues on our platform more opportunities in the restart of our sector. And that's what we do it for! "

More countries and languages will follow in the future. Stay tuned!


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