32 million euros for ultramodern conference center in Belgium

32 million euros for ultramodern conference center in Belgium

Flemish Minister of Tourism Zuhal Demir is co-investing through Tourism Flanders in a hypermodern digital arena on Corda Campus. With its 10,000 m², the Corda Arena will be the first and largest digital arena in the mainland.

Apart from the high-tech applications and the multifunctional layout of the arena, half of the volume will consist of rentable office units that can be transformed into experience skyboxes at events. The arena itself has an amphitheater setup and can accommodate up to 4,000 people. The project, which will cost around 32 million euros, must be completed by 2024. The Corda Arena, a project of Corda Campus NV, a subsidiary of the Limburg investment company LRM, attracted the attention of Tourism Flanders because it provides a completely new perception of (company) events, national conferences and international meetings.

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Corda Arena

The Corda Arena will be a high-tech building 60 meters long and wide and 24 meters high. With those dimensions, the arena will be approximately 10,000 m².

The Corda Arena will be equipped with the latest streaming and broadcast systems so that the whole world can watch the events. It will be an ideal location for large international events and conferences. The arena will be multifunctional: half of the surface will be occupied by rentable office units, which can serve as skyboxes when events take place in the arena. The other half of the surface can be used as an event space. In addition to the event part, the building also has a work and office function. A maximum of 4,000 people can attend the event or spectacle together, but the arena is constructed in such a way that smaller groups can also make perfect use of the facilities.

Leading events play an important role in the arena. The facilities and space make it possible to host major European championships in niche sports such as esports, among other things.

"We are ready for the next step in the Corda story," says general manager Raf Degens. "New, innovative and progressive developments are essential to remain attractive as a business campus for companies and talent. Our different office formats, in combination with the services we offer and our Corda community, are already making the difference for companies and employees on the site. masterplan 2.0 and the Corda Arena we want to go one step further and further put our campus on the map nationally and internationally. Similar digital buildings are spread all over the world, but no example like our arena is known in Europe. this strengthens our leadership position and is therefore fully committed to unprecedented digital experience possibilities. "

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Relance plan for Tourism Flanders

The recovery plan of the Flemish Minister of Tourism Zuhal Demir and Tourism Flanders makes future-proof conference tourism a spearhead. "Where cities such as Bruges and Ghent can play off their historical character, we want to play the digital card in Hasselt," says Flemish Tourism Minister Zuhal Demir. "The Corda Arena is the first event location of its kind and brand new for Belgium. This is next level, with state-of-the-art technology and a futuristic architecture inside and outside. From Tourism Flanders, we strongly believe in this project as a business card for Limburg. With this we establish ourselves internationally as an important hotspot in Europe in the field of congress tourism and (inter) national congresses and events. Congress tourism in Flanders accounts for about 20 percent of the visits. With this investment, congress tourism in our province is possible. and by extension to boost the whole of Flanders. "

The capital investment is currently estimated at EUR 32 million. One third of this amount comes from the investment of Tourism Flanders. About 20 percent of the total amount will be invested in technology and digital equipment for the building. An annual investment budget will also be provided to keep the equipment and furnishing of the building always state-of-the-art.


The project is currently in the concrete preparation phase. The campus expects a period of 2.5 and 4 years between the investment decision, via permits to realization. The ambition is to have the arena realized by 2024. Mr. Steven Vandeput, mayor of the city of Hasselt, is enthusiastic about the future plans of Corda Campus: "With the realization of this high-profile experience arena, we are putting Hasselt on the map in Flanders and the Euregion. As city council, we want to further profile ourselves within the events - and business tourism. This project fits perfectly within this strategy. In consultation with Corda Campus, our city planners will ensure that this project can be perfectly fitted into the site spatially."


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