How to Run an Online VIP Event

How to Run an Online VIP Event

Online events are designed for a worldwide audience. You can use them as part of your digital strategy to attract more leads, increase brand awareness, and sell your products. However, you can also use online events to strengthen the connection you have with your paying clients.

It’s a great strategy to reduce the churn rate, add increased value, and build a strong community around your brand. To do that, think about designing online VIP events that aim to attract the interest of your existing clients, teach them how to achieve faster results, and help them connect with each other. 

Online VIP events are exclusive gatherings that will help you state the commitment you have toward your clients. Additionally, it will help you position yourself as a thought leader and ensure that people will learn to get the most out of your product, as well as contribute to increasing the number of brand ambassadors and enthusiasts who’ll be willing to promote you. But regardless of your goals, online VIP events are a great way to learn more about your clients and build a meaningful connection with them. Here are a few quick suggestions on how to run one:

Create a physical invitation to your existing clients

Who said we need to go all-digital? When it comes to VIP experiences, you want to leverage different elements and create a beautiful physical invitation that will take people by surprise. You can use special paper and a specific type of typography to make an impression on them. This will create a memorable contrast. After all, who receives physical invitations to online events? Furthermore, this approach may convince more of your clients to attend the event. 

Design online events for different price tiers

If you have different price tiers and your clients vary from small to big accounts, you’ll want to create different online VIP events. For example, you can run specific online VIP events for small accounts (clients who invest less than $1,000 per month) and different events for big accounts (clients who invest more than $1,000 per month). You can mark this difference through the type of speakers you’ll be inviting, the uniqueness of the online experience, and access to the VIP community. Another option is to include the VIP online event as an added value for a higher price tier. 

Build a VIP online community for your clients

And since we’ve mentioned the VIP community, you can also use the online VIP events as a pretext to launch a virtual space where your existing clients can interact with each other, get to know each other’s businesses, help one another, and launch partnerships or new business endeavors. If you decide to launch a VIP community for your paying clients, you can use online events to keep everyone engaged and nurture the audiences you’ve created. 

Tackle exclusive subjects

The entire idea of online VIP events revolves around exclusivity. In other words, you can’t just offer your paying clients a regular online event that they can attend anywhere else. You need to craft an amazing event program that is 100% aligned with your clients’ interests and aims to help them achieve their goals. You’ll also want to do some extra work and try to get exclusive speakers for your online VIP event, such as known industry professionals. How do you attract them? By presenting the list of your VIP client community and mention the potential exposure they’ll get by speaking at your event. You can also incentivize them through remuneration. That’s a great way to get big names that will meet the expectations of your existing clients. 

Level up with a VIP online experience

Another element that will ensure the exclusivity of your online VIP events is the virtual experience you’ll design for them. This depends greatly on the profile of your clients. It can be anything from a live classical music concert streamed especially for them to an exclusive wine-tasting class. This second example can also include you sending your clients a pre-event wine kit they can taste during the online experience. This will definitely make your clients feel special and get them excited to attend your next VIP online events. 

Final thoughts

There’s no limit to the possibilities you can explore with online VIP events. If you manage to build a strong online experience for your existing clients, you can even monetize these events along with access to a VIP community. The goal, though, is to spend both time and resources on crafting something special for your clients and offer them an added value that will help them grow and achieve unexpected results.


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