5 Unique Venue Ideas to Fascinate Your Attendees

5 Unique Venue Ideas to Fascinate Your Attendees

Your event venue is so much more than just a space to gather people. Apart from providing a safe and comfortable environment where your attendees can get together, interact, share ideas, and learn new things, your venue is part of the event experience. 

As event expert, Kevin Van der Straeten notes, "The location will determine to a large extent the atmosphere, attractiveness and appeal of your event. In other words, your choice of venue can make all the difference between success and failure."

Think about it: If you have enough networking spaces, your event venue will inspire your attendees to engage more with each other. If there’s access to natural light inside your venue, your guests will feel more energized and happier. If there are silent or chill rooms, your attendees will have the opportunity to catch up with their work or rest and feel less tired, stressed, or anxious. 

Finally, if you want to make your guests feel more empowered, you can always search for unique venues that will not only leave a memorable impression on them but also motivate them to get the most out of your event. What do these “unique venues” look like, you might be asking? Here are some examples you’ll find inspiring: 

BluePoint Liège: A personalized approach to events

Located in Belgium, BluePoint Liège is the perfect solution for meetings, external training, seminars, and dinners. The Centre is easily accessible and provides a high degree of comfort to its guests. The BluePoint Liège Business Centre offers professional support in organizing big events. 

It has seven modular rooms with daylight for a total area of 1,000 m², along with catering services tailored to different events. The furniture is modern and ergonomic, and attendees also have direct access to a terrace and garden. What’s more energizing and important than getting some fresh air during an extensive, day-long event? 

The Centre is easily accessible by car and public transportation. Additionally, considering the current pandemic, BluePoint Liège is providing a well-equipped studio for streaming online events. The uniqueness of this space resides in its compactness and modular spaces, along with its different services, including the possibility of running online events. 

Business Solutions Center Parcs De Vossemeren: Limburg's natural splendor

Center Parcs De Vossemeren is located in the heart of Limburg, the greenest province in Belgium. This location is ideal for business events and meetings—we’re talking about a fully equipped park, surrounded by beautiful nature. That’s an incredible environment. Imagine the inspiration and the empowerment your attendees will feel. 

Center Parcs De Vossemeren has a territory of more than 100 hectares and provides both indoor and outdoor spaces. The venue also offers a series of outdoor activities, from mountain bike tours to the longest high ropes course in Europe. 

Center Parcs De Vossemeren is also perfect for large sporting corporate events. Moreover, the venue is equipped with eight meeting rooms with access to daylight and beautiful park views. Attendees can enjoy drinking their coffee and socializing by the lake. What’s better than offering your guests a wide range of activities and places (both indoors and outdoors) to enjoy? 

ReBoot: A unique “meeting room” for small events

ReBoot is not your typical venue. How about running your event on a docked boat? Based in Leuven, Belgium, reBoot is the perfect space for small business events, workshops, and team-building sessions. You can enjoy both an inspiring location and a beautiful view of the Leuvense Vaart. 

Moreover, reBoot offers a delicious catering service based on local products, as well as an extensive choice of regional beers. After running your business event or brainstorming session, you can take your attendees to the boat’s bar with authentic ship material or enjoy sitting at a delightful outdoor terrace. Now that’s an experience your attendees will remember forever. 

Nationaal Militair Museum: The venue for events of a different caliber

Based in Soest, Netherlands, the Nationaal Militair Museum is a special venue where you can plan meetings, presentations, corporate parties, or dinners. Did we mention that it’s in the middle of a museum collection with tangible historical significance for the Netherlands? 

The museum offers more than 20 outdoor and indoor locations that the event organizer can rearrange based on the type of event. You can run both small and large events, enable the attendees to see a real Fokker F-27 Troopship, dine between the tanks, and have a drink under fighter planes. 

Nationaal Militair Museum also has an extensive outdoor area with a view of Park Soesterberg Air Base, a protected nature reserve of the Utrecht Landscape. If that’s not impressive, then nothing is. 

NAUPAR: Sail away with your attendees

With an unparalleled variety of traditional sailing ships, more than 200,000 guests per year, and 16 embarkation locations around the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea, NAUPAR is the largest partner in charter shipping. 

In addition to the fleet of almost a hundred clippers, barges, schooners, barquentines, and more unique types of ships, NAUPAR also offers relaxed sailing trips in and around Amsterdam. NAUPAR has been a specialist in providing unique meeting locations, relationship marketing events, nautical events such as SAIL Amsterdam, and weekly and weekend boat trips for original company outings for 40 years. At NAUPAR, your attendees will enjoy some fresh air and forget about their emails.

It’s impossible to see this list of unique venues and not get excited. From classical, multi-optional venues to military museums, there’s a wide variety of options you can choose from. And if you want to discover more unique event venues, don’t hesitate to check out our website. You’ll find incredible spaces and event suppliers that will transform your ideas into reality.


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