"How eventplanner.net Saved my Company"

"How eventplanner.net Saved my Company"

We received a nice story at our editorial office this week. So beautiful that we would like to share it. It is the story of Peter Grunewald from Grunewald.bar.

How nice that we can share a success story from the event sector in these challenging times. Especially a story to which we have been able to contribute to alongside the entire eventplanner.net team. The following is what Peter wrote to us:

"What a shock it was in then, in the Spring of 2020. Like so many in the event industry, I lost 'everything' overnight. Zero events on the schedule, zero outlook. I had a little bit of financial support, but not enough to keep me going for long.

At first, I had hoped like everyone else that we could resume by the end of May, or latest by the beginning of June. Alas!

My wife works in the healthcare sector, and she is in a cohort department. She saw it pessimistically from day one and saw no hope for improvement before Spring 2021. RIP my company that I had spent building full-time, for over 12 years. 

Or, maybe not? Would switching the gun from one shoulder to the other work?

With all my knowledge of cocktail and bar catering, I started to put together Apéro Skype packages that companies could use during their online meetings and webinars. I did get work from the Apéro Skype packages, but not enough to keep my head above water. I actively looked for a new job and quickly ran myself into the ground – 47 years old with no specific training, there were no jobs in our sector. It quickly became apparent that no one was waiting for me.

In all this, Kevin from eventplanner.net kept urging me to not to give up and keep communicating. Finally, this is what happened.

Together, we developed a communication plan to launch and firmly place my new concept in the market. From the first advertorial in the eventplanner.net newsletter, I immediately landed two projects worth € 125,000, plus an indirect turnover of another € 45,000. It was the most lucrative advertorial ever in my 10 years of advertising! Moreover, I was also able to score several assignments for thousands of boxes from the rest of the campaign.

Maybe, after reading this post, some of my colleagues will also advertise on eventplanner.net, and thus form the extra competition for me. Nevertheless, this doesn't outweigh my gratitude for Kevin and his team, who were ALWAYS ready with good advice to tackle campaigns. Had he not done this in the Spring of 2020, it would now be over and out with my company that I had built with passion and enthusiasm for over 12 years.

That's why I wanted to share my story and put the people at eventplanner.net firmly in the spotlight. There aren't many fairytales in our industry this year, but this is one, and hopefully better times dawn on all my colleagues in the event industry."

Peter Grunewald


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