Call: Share Your Online Event Cases

Call: Share Your Online Event Cases

Our editorial team is looking for the most impactful and creative online events. Do you have a case that you are proud of? Share them today because sharing is caring!


Virtual, online, and hybrid events have made a complete breakthrough after years of being treated in a stepmotherly manner, and they are here to stay! Of course, "live events" are coming back (thankfully!), but their virtual siblings also have several advantages that we are only now discovering: no more travel, possibly a greater reach, and lesser environmental impact.


It is time to learn from the experiences that we as a sector have gained in the digital world in recent months: event venues have become online event studios, event agencies have become TV producers, ...



Share your case!

Do you have cases that you are proud of? Share them now via a post on your business page. Our editorial team will pick up the most inspiring cases for a new series of articles about online and virtual events.


Some tips to draw our attention:

  • While creating your post, choose 'event case' instead of 'update'.
  • Add beautiful photos to your post.
  • Share information about your event's goal and how you turned it into a success story online. How interactive was it? What were the results?
  • Did you use a virtual event platform? If so, tag the platform in your post.
  • What did you learn? What problems did you run into?


Thank you very much for sharing your case(s)! Who knows, they may soon show up in one of our articles! 


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