Event Producer Shares COVID19-Proof Event Concept for Free

Event Producer Shares COVID19-Proof Event Concept for Free

Steven Martin, an experienced Belgian Show Designer, designed a COVID19-proof event concept and offers it for free to the world.

As a creative service provider, ArchitectofEMOTION wants to try to help in the way that suits us best: the search for creative 'other' ideas. Concretely, AoE offers a 'free of charge' concept that any interested party can use: "With this free of charge shared event format, we especially want to stimulate event producers to start thinking about briefings and event experiences in a different way", says Steven Martin.

The idea was developed by AoE, supported by a series of very experienced partners throughout the entire process. They assisted the team with advice, critical feedback and supportive thinking all based upon their years of experience with the Belgian and international event market and its players.

The XPrnZ Walk Concept visual 09 (TCS-AoE).png

"In its basic elaboration, the format already offers an answer to almost every conceivable briefing, provided some insight, flexibility and creativity. The end customers may also need a little guidance in recognizing the advantages of this different approach in the current circumstances. Above all, this concept allows large numbers of people in COVID19 safe conditions to be involved in a very intense brand experience", says Steven Martin.

AoE can assist the organizers in the thought process or in the realization of the experience, but that is not the first intention of sharing this file. Steven Martin: "End customers and event agencies, even fellow freelancers, in fact anyone can use this format without any problem, adapted or as it has been proposed. We don't have to be involved, it’s more important for us at the moment that our sector has work and that companies can work, can bill. Let us show that together we can bring that typical positive energy back into our market full of passion." 

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Rules of the game

AoE only sets 2 rules for free use: on the one hand the project has to be worked out with as many local production partners as possible to stimulate our economy, on the other hand we want to be able to evaluate the impact and use of the idea. "That is why we ask to be informed who is building on the idea, preferably with an invitation to the event or some photos or video footage afterwards."

Let's do this together

"Carry out the format as proposed or use the idea as inspiration for further thinking. The most important thing is that we can give the end customers confidence, that events can be produced and that in the end we all come out stronger together. That’s why we’re already doing it", concludes Steven, "we sincerely hope that all those creative strategic talents in our market will see the potential and contact their customers to create great projects and give our sector a well-deserved kick-start."

The XPrnZ Walk Concept visual 08 (TCS-AoE).png

The XPrnZ Walk Concept visual 01 (TCS-AoE).png

The XPrnZ Walk Concept visual 07 (TCS-AoE).png



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