The past few months have been a rollercoaster and there will be no change to that. The entire event sector is bleeding and we are not spared either. Nevertheless, we continue to dream of a bright future for events.

Everyone feels the lack of live contacts deeply: events, festivals, weddings, concerts, culture, ... That is why we are convinced that events, in whatever form, deserve an important place in the world of tomorrow. It is with this conviction that we at continue to invest in our community. We are therefore extremely grateful for the support we receive from our loyal advertisers, partners, members and readers.


In this challenging period I took the time to write a manifesto together with the team. A self-reflection that describes clearly what we stand for, what our community can expect from us. But also where we do not make compromises (anymore). Some will identify with our passion, for others our story might not resonate. That's OK.

Not many companies dare to take up this exercise, let alone share their manifesto in public. By following in the footsteps of companies such as Zappos, Mindvalley, ... in daring to be vulnerable, we believe that publishing our manifesto will help surround us with the right people to join our cause to overcome this crisis, create opportunities and grow. And who knows, it may also inspire you to consider what you want to stand for with your a company.

Read our manifesto here

Kevin Van der Straeten



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