Move on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, here is the ' app'

Move on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, here is the ' app'

You have a few minutes to swipe on your smartphone. You hesitate, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Do not hesitate any longer and open the brand new app from now on. As an event professional, you have everything you need with this application.


The focus of the app is on the updates (posts) that event business share with tips or inspiration from fantastic events they organise and new concepts and ideas they have. You can personalize your newsfeed by following, liking, and even responding to posts. In short, the app is the community for event planners in your pocket.


Furthermore, you have of course super fast access with the app to the smartest search engine in the world with event locations and suppliers, including real reviews. Need even more inspiration for groundbreaking events? In the app you will find fascinating articles full of news and knowledge from our editors every day. And you pick up inspiring TV broadcasts and podcasts.


Download the free event planner app for iOS & Android now!


Do you run an event company or venue yourself? Discover how you can also share updates with our community via our app.


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