Event in space? You can organise one for $ 125,000 per person

Event in space? You can organise one for $ 125,000 per person

The American space company Space Perspective wants to make commercial space travel possible within three years. They will not do that by means of a rocket, but with a kind of hot air balloon. A ticket will make you $ 125,000 poorer.

On board the 'Spaceship Neptune' capsule there is room for eight passengers and a pilot. In addition, there is also a minibar and a bathroom. You will be in the air for about six hours in total at a maximum height of about 30 kilometers with a magnificent view. The capsule has large windows on the outside, so you cannot miss the spectacular view of the earth.

The balloon would take off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, near Cape Canaveral, Florida. After two hours of ascent, the Neptune will reach maximum height. Then it will float above the Atlantic for another two hours before descending back into the sea, where you will be picked up by a ship. The capsule would rise before sunrise so that you get a view of the universe and then see the sun rise behind the Earth.

Wedding or company party

"One of the most fantastic things about the design is that there is an opportunity to host events, such as weddings, concerts or corporate parties", CEO Taber MacCallum shares. "I think we'll see many different types of flights. We want people to have the real experience that astronauts always talk about, but more comfortable."

Interested parties can already reserve a place on the Space Perspective website.

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