Future? American Company Develops Corona Festival Suit

The American company 'Production Club', which builds stages and show elements in normal times, has designed a special suit with which you could safely go to a club or a festival.

According to the company, the suit optimally protects against corona infections, so it is ideal to wear in places where many people gather in a small place.

The suit looks like a kind of futuristic diver's helmet and was named 'Micrashell'. Festival or club goers who wear the suit are protected from viruses by a plastic dome over their head. The suit also has an air filter, so that the air in the bell stays fresh. According to the makers of the suit, this is an ideal solution when the social distance between people cannot be guaranteed, such as at crowded festivals or in clubs.

The suit only covers the top of the body and the arms and hands, and has a few extras in addition to the bell jar with an air filter. For example, there is a special compartment on the arm for a smartphone and the suit has a camera and speakers. Drinking is also no problem because the protective suit has a space in which you can put your drink and drink from it.

When this futuristic suit really comes on the market and how much it will cost, is still unclear.



Source: Photo: Production Club


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