How to Manage Your Team’s Stress during a Crisis

How to Manage Your Team’s Stress during a Crisis

Big or small, stress and crises happen a lot in the events industry. Whether it’s a planning crisis such as last-minute changes or flight delays or a world crisis such as a pandemic, stress is the predicament of every event. And both you and your team need to confront and manage it while still maintaining the same level of professionalism and trying to safeguard everyone’s mental health. 

Having that in mind, you’re probably thinking that with experience, people will manage to cope with stress on their own. After all, seasoned planning teams appear to be more resilient in the face of crisis. Indeed, people have their own coping mechanisms, based on their previous experiences; however, as a team leader, you’ll want to develop a special crisis protocol. 

By doing so, you’ll be able to support your team, achieve your wanted results, gain some control over the general state of your team, and have the necessary tools to ride the waves of a crisis without compromising your team members’ well-being. Check out these tips on what to do when a crisis hits your team:

Acknowledge the stress and keep the lines of communication going

The worst thing you can do during a crisis is to avoid talking about it or ignore it. It’ll only make the events team feel even more confused. Transparency and honest communication are key to overcoming a crisis successfully. 

When a crisis happens, ...

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