6 Creative Ways to Make Your Sponsors Shine at Your Event

6 Creative Ways to Make Your Sponsors Shine at Your Event

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'sponsors'? Is it the financial resources you might get from people to plan an event? Or maybe it's the logos you’ll need to display somewhere (such as the event program or entrance backdrop)?


No matter what associations you make when thinking about your sponsors, it’s important to understand that they are more than just cash machines. These days, your event sponsors are your partners, meaning you all share the same vision and audiences.


In other words, for a better strategy alignment, you’ll want to search for those sponsors whose activities and actions match your values. This factor alone will help you develop a different approach when promoting them during the event. When you don’t care much about your sponsors, you’ll just cram their logos on your event tote bag or PowerPoint slides and not give them a second thought.


But if you start to see your sponsors as real partners, your interest in promoting them will come from a place of honesty and genuine desire to make them shine. How? Here’s a list of ideas you can steal to promote your sponsors and make sure they get the attention they truly deserve:



Sponsor speakers

One powerful way to promote your sponsors is by ...

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