12 Awesome Ideas to Create Instagram 'Baits' for Your Event

12 Awesome Ideas to Create Instagram 'Baits' for Your Event

Is your event 'visually appealing' enough? We’re asking you this question because in case you haven’t noticed, we’re living in the Instagram era.


Nowadays, people obsess over posting as many “likeable” photos as possible on Instagram, sharing their experiences with others. You can take advantage of this trend to promote your event on social media.


To do that, you’ll have to create different Instagram “baits” at your event that will encourage your attendees to take photos and post them on their Instagram accounts, using your hashtag. Here are some ideas you could explore:



#1. Interesting backdrops




#2. Catering aka #foodporn




#3. Drinks with a unique personality




#4. Nature-powered spaces




#5. Awesome lighting




#6. Historic venues




#7. Outdoors panoramas




#8. Gorgeous tablescapes




#9. Unexpected centerpieces




#10. Eye-catching decoration




#11. Engaging performances




#12. Art installations




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